Mozilla Urdu L10n Meetup Kuala Lumpur 2020

Mozilla L10N Urdu Team @Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mozilla L10N Urdu Team had gathered in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Mozilla l10n Urdu team had gathered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 4th January 2020 to 6th January 2020. 6 out of 8 Team members had attended this event are Shahbaz Alam (India), Tanzeel Khan (India), Faisal Aziz (India), Mahtaab Alam (India), Aamir Raza(India) and Umer Tanveer (Pakistan).
Adeel Tahir (Pakistan) & Musaeb Khan (Pakistan) were unable to join because of unforeseen visa & travel issues.


Since after its inception in 2012 , Mozilla Urdu Team has gone through different transitions. Driven by two countries India & Pakistan, Team has seen various challenges and bottlenecks due to different geographies, lack of standard modus operandi, persistant contributions & language support.

To address these issues, current Urdu l10n team managers Shahbaz & Tanzeel took this initiative with the support of Mozilla L10n Drivers Jeff Betty to understand and retrospect current issues. Hence they reconnected with existing contributors to discuss and plan next course of action which was discussed first on first call and later scheduled for work weekend in Kuala Lumpur.


During our initial call, We have identified that Urdu Locale has few contribution challenges. In order to identify these challenges it is vital to bring all contributors on same page. Collaborative discussions happened and we have listed some key areas to take them further which are mentioned below:

  • Project Priorities & focus areas
  • Accountability Matrix for contributors
  • Project Resources & Urdu Language Glossary
  • Team Collaboration & Communication
  • Recognition
  • Team Expansion, On-Boarding and Roles Definition

By taking these areas into consideration, We have created a agenda and the team planned this meeting to derive a long term plan for healthy contribution and team management.

Day 1 – Retrospect & planning

Day 1 Discussions @ The Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On Day 1 of event , We gathered and discussed how we can build and sustain a better community structure which will help both existing and new contributors to understand and get started with quality contribution.

We have analysed current status of locale and projects and identify areas where immediate attention is needed.

  • In Past contributions were random and not focused on project priorities.
  • Without a style-sheet and standard glossary , previous translations were not standardized resulting in low quality and ambiguity.
  • Lack of accountability and visibility was a bottleneck in persistent contributions and ownership.
  • Lack of awareness about roles, tools , resources and team communications impacted team collaboration and quality.
  • We were missing a routine communication to keep contribution momentum going.
  • No On-boarding documentation and resource available for new contributors.

Identifying these action areas helped us to define our event agenda and future course of action for team.

Day 2 – ACCOUNTABILITY, structuring & communications.

Day 2 – Solutioning , Structure and Communication @Royal Chulan, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

To address challenges discussed on day, Team has decided to bring up a quarterly plan of actions to provide continuous project deliverable and a structure that empowers existing contributors with opportunities , visibility & recognition.

  • An extensive style-guide has been created to standardize contributions.[Link]
  • Team has decided to do monthly calls to keep contributors aligned with project priorities and action items.
  • A responsibility delegation model has been proposed to encourage project ownership and accountability.
  • Explained roles and responsibilities of Managers, reviewers & translators to team and define contribution pathway for new contributors.
  • Quality contributions will be paramount for all of us.
  • Enhance communication with staff to learn how other locals practice and manage.
  • Quarterly plans proposed to delivery commitments.
  • On-Boarding refined and a plan created to expand contributors base.

day 3 – Action items & takeaways

After a productive day 2 , We gathered on Day 3 to retrospect and conclude our meeting and listed action items as take away for the meetup.

  • Managers will ensure proper communication and visibility to team.
  • We all pledge to attend monthly meetings and update our status.
  • We will follow accountability structure and complete respective projects before string freeze.
  • We will ensure quality of translations should be maintained as per standard style-guide.
  • Apart from contribution, We will spend our time in on-boarding, mentoring & team expansion.
  • Build and maintain trust among team members working in different geographies.
  • Extend support in building glossary and promote Firefox in Urdu Language.

Team activites & quality time in Kuala lumpur

Special mentions

Special mentions to people who were unable to make Kualalumpur however they are equally involved and consulted are Yaseen Khan (India), Adeel Tahir (Pakistan), Museb Khan (Pakistan), Manzar Hasnain (India) and all active contributors of Urdu Locale.

Last but not least special thanks to Jeff Betty for supporting & mentoring us to organize such a productive weekend,


Faisal Aziz

MozDevroom @ Newvision Bhopal


On 17-Mar-2018, Mozilla MPCG community organized MozDevroom Session on Virtual Reality (MozVR) at NewVision Bhopal, This was a developer centric event where more than 80+ developers participated from different organizations.



KeyNote Session-Faisal Aziz

Event started with a Keynote session delivered by Faisal Aziz (Me). I took the dice to explain tone of the event and explain Mozilla and its different verticals and initiative to developers. I also explained the pathways of contribution to different Mozilla projects and how developers can engage themselves in open source contribution.

My Keynote is available here:

WebVR Session – Prathamesh Chavan

Post Keynote session our speaker Prathamesh Chavan took the dice and started with an interactive session on Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality. Parthamesh took the charge to explain the differences between these different yet confusing technologies. Later He started with A-Frame and brilliantly explained Aframe and why it is classified as one of the best open virutal reality framework,

In his flawless talk he was crawling across application of A-Frame with mind-blowing demonstration of VR application developed using A-Frame.


Firefox Nightly Edition – Aditi Agrawal

Soon after an amazing session by speaker Prathamesh, Audience is ready to take boost of another exciting session from Aditi Agrawal on Firefox Nightly. She is though HR by profession however she surprised audience with taking a deep dive in Mozilla Firefox Release Management and technical specification.

Its was a great experience from audience specially from developers to know about the facts about how Firefox is build and release. Aditi had put some startling facts about Firefox Nightly which many developers were unaware off.

This is indeed an inspiring session and received amazing response from women developers.


Firefox Developer Edition – Avinash Sharma

After a brief break, Avinash Sharma, Quality Engineer at NewVision started with his session on using Firefox Developer Edition. Developer Edition is always top charts among developers and participants were excited about this.

Avinash revealed some perplexing facts and features of Firefox Dev Edition which yield a great response from developers. Avinash also explained Firefox Dev Tools in details and how it makes developer’s day to day life easy.

Workshop – Prathamesh

and Here comes the exiting part, Prathamesh driven an excellent learning spree in workshop. Well that was not an easy task when you have 80+ developers around you, but his energy was on peak and these images speaks well about workshop session:

VR Demos:

Mozmpcg community reps Vaibhav, Mukesh, Sagar lend a great help to setup VR stations and introduced audience with many VR demos. Feedback and responses were amazing, participants felt excited post experiencing VR Demos.



After a successful event, I took prathamesh for a tour of lakecity bhopal and had a sumptuous dinner. I  beleive his tastebuds won’t forget our authentic  Bhopali zaika.


Day 2:

Community Updates:

On Day 2 after breakfast, Community reps and participants gathered for another refreshing day. Prathamesh started with community updates addressing issues and challenges among communities.

Being in council, Prathamesh aligned community with current goals and helped community to understand priority areas to work and explore.

He also urged all participants to do upstream contribution and bring Diversity and inclusion , a better gender ratio among community.

Follow up and Action Plan

Community brainstormed on following up with event participants and created an action plan to take it forward.



Best VR creations has been recognized by organizing team, a team of four members fount to be best with VR creativity and hence awarded with a VR device as a token of their contribution.



The event went with a great success and amazing metrics achievement, Mozilla India would like to thanks Anupam Pathak (Chairperson, ISC Software) and Kapil Godani (CEO, NewVision) for giving us opportunity to host this event and for their immense support and motivation to organize this event.

We also thanks to Ketan Parekh, Pradeep Sen ,Kuntal & Sanjay Borana for their generous guidance and resources during the event.

We specially thanks to Shreyas, Prakhar, Avinash, Aditi, Ashish and all vounteers of this event. Without you this event wouldn’t be possible.

We would like thanks all participants of NewVision and ISC and other organization for their active participation and patience.

Last but not least, On behalf of NewVision Family and MozMpCg community we would like to thank Prathamesh Chavan for investing his time and coming all the way from Pune to organize this event. Thank you for all your hard work and knowledge sharing.


Useful Links:

Reps Portal Link:

Agenda and Proposal: MozVr Devroom Proposal

Live Video Feed :



[Tutorial]Flashing Your Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Sony XPERIA Z3 Compact is one of the best smartphone from Sony. These are powerful devices having amazing specs,powerful Qualcomm processor and Yes 21(20.7) MP camera.It doesn’t end here it is waterproof too.

[Disclaimer:First of all one important thing – before you start to do anything with your phone, do the backup of your personal data. It is only for your safety in case that something goes wrong or any mistake happens. In that case you can use the backup to restore the data and try to do everything once again.All referenced files are determined for Sony XPERIA Z3 Compact D5803]

So Lets start flashing this device:

Flashing Xperia could be little tricky.So make sure you have everything beforehand to prevent bricking your phone.

This tutorial is for Android 5.1.1, you can do the same for other versions when available.

Step:1 Check your firmware version (if you already have the newest one, you do not need this tutorial.
Step:2 You need Androxyde xperia flashtool to flash your xperia device. Download from this link.

Step:3 Download also latest Android 5.1.1 ftf file (mirror Google Drive) for Sony XPERIA Z3 Compact.

Step 4:Take the ftf file downloaded in step 3 to folder “Firmwares” included in the XPERIA Flashtool[You might check where your flashtool installed.For me it is C:\Users\administrator\.flashTool\firmwares.

Step:5 Visit Sony Website to Unlock your bootloader.Enter your model number and email on website. They will send you a link where you need to enter your IMEI.

Copy & Save your Bootloader code.



Step 6: Make sure USB Debugging is on your phone.For this you need to enable developer mode.Go to Setting->About Phone->Build Number and tap for some times, It will give you a message “You are now a developer” go back and you can see Developer Option. Go to Developer option and set USB Debugging On.

Unlock your bootloader:

Switch off and disconnect your phone.Open Flashtool and Select “BLU” ,It will ask you to  press vol up button and connect usb cable. Once connected in FLASHMODE it will give a popup where you can see your bootloader key.No need to enter it unless it is asked, The tool is itself capable of unlocking however for safer side we can copy and save it for future relocking purpose.


Flashing Device:

Open the XPERIA Flashtool, click on flash and choose downloaded firmware, than click ok. Important – if you do not want to delete any data of your phone, just uncheck flashing userdata.sin file. All data will remain in your phone, but sometimes it can cause additional troubles. So it is better (and I recommend that) to do the backup of your personal data, than proceed with clean instalation and then restore your personal data.turn off your phone and when Flashtool shows pop up window, connect phone to PC with holding volume down button after few minutes all is done and your phone gets the new firmware

Firefox Spring Campaign- Indore & Bhopal

I am thrilled to share my experience during Mozilla’s Firefox Spring Campaign held at Bhopal & Indore. I’d like to thanks Chelsea Novak for encouragement and support to conduct this event.

FoxYeah Team Indore: Venue: Vatsana Technologies

  • Shafique Patni (Mozilla Rep)
  • Mrinal Jain (Mozilla Rep)
  • Yaseen Khan (Mozillian & FSA)
  • Shubham Geete (Mozillian & FSA)
  • Shashank (CTO Vatsana Technologies)
  • FSA & Mozillians of Indore

FoxYeah Team Bhopal : Fresspresso Cafe

  • Vaibhav Bajaj(Mozilla Rep)
  • Rahul Talreja(Mozilla Rep)
  • FSA & Mozillians of Bhopal

FoxYeah Indore:


Geeksphone Peak Device driver issue with Windows 8.1 64 Bits

Hi Fellas,


I was trying to flash GeeksPhone Peak device on my Windows 8.1 64Bit machine. I tried multiple times but unable to install drivers for device. Windows throws an error as “The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering“.


Hard Luck ? not to worry, The reason of this issue lies in back-end of Windows 8.1 security mechanism. Windows 8.1 only allow s igned drivers to install in the system. The drivers supplied by peak are signed for X 32 BIT version but it is not signed with hash that could be validated by 64 Bit version,

So , The solution! Yes solution is pretty simple, We need to turnoff Windows Signature Validation. To do that Go to PC Settings –> Advance Startup and Restart System ,

The system would start in diagnostic mode with blue screen -> select troubleshoot ->Advanced option ->Startup Options ->Restart

System Reboot and show you some options:

“Choose Disable driver signature enforcement” system starts with disabled signature enforcement. Now you can install the driver, Window will warn it doesn’t verify publisher , choose

Choose “Install this driver anyway”!

Driver is installed now you can flash your device!



Maker Party JNCT Bhopal

Hi Folks,

We have successfully organized an awesome Mozilla Maker’s party at Jai Narain Institute of Technology, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh India. The prime objective of this Maker Party is to teach students about Web Literacy and its vital role in Open Web. The event was organized by our passionate Mozilla Community Bhopal. My sincere thanks to JNCT college administration for supporting us in our mission towards building a better web.


Due to overwhelming response from student , we have decided to split audience in two computer labs, I have started my session with an Introduction to Mozilla and Its projects, Contributors program like Mozilla Student Ambassador, Mozilla Reps and other contribution opportunities. Participants were getting enthusiastic about learning new projects. So we introduced them with our awesome project webmaker.


Arpit Singhal, Mrinal Jain, Chandan Baba and Rahul Talreja,Shiva Goyal did an awesome job by introducing Hands On sessions on Appmaker, Popcorn and Thimble Participants were feeling excited when they created their very first app.


15133260959_346ffb7ca4_o 15318739135_6c903ca7b7_o 15131997379_5e7113d7d8_o

How can I forget my best part, L10n, I have also shown some hands on to participants on L10n, They have translated some strings on Pootle which is an awesome experience for all of them.

We has a very productive discussion with Director of college, to establish a Firefox Student Club in college which serves as platform for students to showcase their skills and also a destination to enroll new sustainable contributors.


Being a mentor for Bhopal community, I must appreciate Vaibhav Bajaj, Divya and Anju for their active contribution in engaging community.

Thank you community Bhopal for this splendid event, Hope to see some more awesome and productive events from your end.



MozConnect 2012 Bhopal

[Migrating some Old Posts to this account]

MozConnect 2012 Bhopal

-= Audience and size =-
We got a good audience support. The event was conducted in two sessions. First session had around 20-30 number of attendees and in second session we have 40-50 number of attendies.Overall around 100 individuals attended the event.

-= Our participation =-

First Session: In the first session we had around 25 people from NIIT as well as some of the Internet Cafe administrators from local regions.The session was awesome having lots of interactive talks about issues of Firefox. One of the Cafe Admin asked about creating a special help page for Cafe Admins so that they can utilize full features of Mozilla Firefox. I started my first session with introduction to Mozilla Foundation,Familiarizing Mozilla to audience. They were very excited to know about the features of Mozilla Firefox. I have explained them about various programs of Mozilla in which they can contribute like SUMO,Localization,Add-on Development,test pilot and Army of Awesome. Then we had very interesting and educative quiz,Winners got cool stuff from Mozilla. They were very happy to learn the things ! Second Session: Excitement of the first session was yet on the top. Its second session for the MozConnect. For the second session we had a Guest Speaker Mr.Umar Farooque,Admin and developer of, and many Brazilian websites. Ashish Namdev REMO from Bhopal and his team members Anoop and Bhaskar joined me to make this event really happening. I start the session by introducing Mozilla and Its Mission, I explained them our community hierarchy in contributions,I explained them how they can be a student rep,or a REMO. This talk make them excited and they eagerly want to be involved with us in the Mission. Ashish Namdev get the steering in his hands and explained very nicely about Latest Firefox features.He also showed a video of mr.Gary Korvacs on “Do not track Me”. After that our guest Mr.Omar Farooque got in action and he expresses his views about open web,He conducted a very innovative and educative HANDS ON on creation of websites using JOOMLA,WORDPRESS,DRUPAL using FIREBUG plugin.The practical approach really worked and audience were very happy to do hand on exercises. Now i took the command back to me and explained some hands-on on using X-ray goggles. I called some students from the audience,they hv done very nice hacks on websites.

-= Audience reactions =-
Our goal was mainly to connect people of Bhopal to Mozilla and its mission. Cybercafe owners invited to our event were very excited about the event. They agreed to install Mozilla Firefox as their default browser in internet café’s. The student of NIIT was very enthusiastic in event. They have shown their zeal to learn the open web. They participated in various activities, very interactive and supportive. Awesome support for Mozilla Student rep, we have got 4 student reps among all and rests of them were told to join army of awesome.They enjoyed learning X ray goggles,HTML5, Joomla,and many more hands-ons.

-= Evening event =-
After the conference there was a organized meetup where the speakers and attendees could mingle, discuss more and exchange experiences. It was a down-to-earth context and a good way to talk more.

-= Materials =-
Slides are created using Mozilla Wiki and videos of Mr.Gary Kovacs about TED do not track me.
Event Video is available at

-= Other presentations =-

  • How to buid websites? A modern approach by Mr.Umar Farooque,
  • Joomla,
  • firebug and x-ray goggles.

-= Direct competition =-
Firefox quiz was organized based on which we got our student reps. Winners are selected as Mozilla Students reps.

-= Organization =-
This was the first event conducted by Mozilla Team in NIIT. They eagerly cooperated and supported us for the event by providing accommodation and resources.All went vey good and according to expectation.

-= Overall feel =-
Audience enjoyed the event because it was filled with very interactive questions, discussion and feedback. They enjoyed the practical hands-on and much more.

-= Leads =- Created different Firefox clubs in colleges of Bhopal. Created a channel of communication over Facebook to enhance the interaction between all of them.

-= Was it worth it? =- I think so. They were very excited and enthusiastic about Mozilla.

-= Should we go again? =- Bhopal is capital of Madhya Pradesh having around 2500 computer science student studying in the vicinity of City. So it’s a very nice and wonderful opportunity for us to invest our efforts in this city to create a Mozilla Community Bhopal.

Faisal Aziz
Mozilla Reps Mentor