MozConnect 2012 Bhopal

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MozConnect 2012 Bhopal

-= Audience and size =-
We got a good audience support. The event was conducted in two sessions. First session had around 20-30 number of attendees and in second session we have 40-50 number of attendies.Overall around 100 individuals attended the event.

-= Our participation =-

First Session: In the first session we had around 25 people from NIIT as well as some of the Internet Cafe administrators from local regions.The session was awesome having lots of interactive talks about issues of Firefox. One of the Cafe Admin asked about creating a special help page for Cafe Admins so that they can utilize full features of Mozilla Firefox. I started my first session with introduction to Mozilla Foundation,Familiarizing Mozilla to audience. They were very excited to know about the features of Mozilla Firefox. I have explained them about various programs of Mozilla in which they can contribute like SUMO,Localization,Add-on Development,test pilot and Army of Awesome. Then we had very interesting and educative quiz,Winners got cool stuff from Mozilla. They were very happy to learn the things ! Second Session: Excitement of the first session was yet on the top. Its second session for the MozConnect. For the second session we had a Guest Speaker Mr.Umar Farooque,Admin and developer of, and many Brazilian websites. Ashish Namdev REMO from Bhopal and his team members Anoop and Bhaskar joined me to make this event really happening. I start the session by introducing Mozilla and Its Mission, I explained them our community hierarchy in contributions,I explained them how they can be a student rep,or a REMO. This talk make them excited and they eagerly want to be involved with us in the Mission. Ashish Namdev get the steering in his hands and explained very nicely about Latest Firefox features.He also showed a video of mr.Gary Korvacs on “Do not track Me”. After that our guest Mr.Omar Farooque got in action and he expresses his views about open web,He conducted a very innovative and educative HANDS ON on creation of websites using JOOMLA,WORDPRESS,DRUPAL using FIREBUG plugin.The practical approach really worked and audience were very happy to do hand on exercises. Now i took the command back to me and explained some hands-on on using X-ray goggles. I called some students from the audience,they hv done very nice hacks on websites.

-= Audience reactions =-
Our goal was mainly to connect people of Bhopal to Mozilla and its mission. Cybercafe owners invited to our event were very excited about the event. They agreed to install Mozilla Firefox as their default browser in internet café’s. The student of NIIT was very enthusiastic in event. They have shown their zeal to learn the open web. They participated in various activities, very interactive and supportive. Awesome support for Mozilla Student rep, we have got 4 student reps among all and rests of them were told to join army of awesome.They enjoyed learning X ray goggles,HTML5, Joomla,and many more hands-ons.

-= Evening event =-
After the conference there was a organized meetup where the speakers and attendees could mingle, discuss more and exchange experiences. It was a down-to-earth context and a good way to talk more.

-= Materials =-
Slides are created using Mozilla Wiki and videos of Mr.Gary Kovacs about TED do not track me.
Event Video is available at

-= Other presentations =-

  • How to buid websites? A modern approach by Mr.Umar Farooque,
  • Joomla,
  • firebug and x-ray goggles.

-= Direct competition =-
Firefox quiz was organized based on which we got our student reps. Winners are selected as Mozilla Students reps.

-= Organization =-
This was the first event conducted by Mozilla Team in NIIT. They eagerly cooperated and supported us for the event by providing accommodation and resources.All went vey good and according to expectation.

-= Overall feel =-
Audience enjoyed the event because it was filled with very interactive questions, discussion and feedback. They enjoyed the practical hands-on and much more.

-= Leads =- Created different Firefox clubs in colleges of Bhopal. Created a channel of communication over Facebook to enhance the interaction between all of them.

-= Was it worth it? =- I think so. They were very excited and enthusiastic about Mozilla.

-= Should we go again? =- Bhopal is capital of Madhya Pradesh having around 2500 computer science student studying in the vicinity of City. So it’s a very nice and wonderful opportunity for us to invest our efforts in this city to create a Mozilla Community Bhopal.

Faisal Aziz
Mozilla Reps Mentor